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Web Accessibility In-depth Discussion

Accessible Community

ACES Portal

List for management of ACES Software Licenses

ACM@UIUC Membership List

Active Data Service Staff

Advertising faculty and staff

Subscription to Ag Bio Lab Temperature Monitor List

AIAA External List

AIAA Junior Board Listserve

Open Source solutions for audiovisual archivists

Amma Satsung

APO Alumni-Active Communication List

Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Alpha chapter

APO Pledge List

Applied Math

Archery Club

Assessment and Research in Career Services (ARCS)

New Course Articulation Web Link


Asha Urbana-Champaign

ASME Update

Campus Assassins' Guild


ASTA UIUC 2014-2015

Theatre History Discussion List - Amer. Soc. for Theatre Research

Astronomy on Tap

Spotted Wing Drosophila Discussion Group

ATLAS Exam Attendance

ATLAS Gradebook Updates

Support for the ATS Virtual Application Pilot Program

AV Pro Discussion List


Announcement for the Campus Monitoring service

benefit concert committee

Case Corps 2014 member lists

CBF Organizing Committee

Announcements for the CCBGM I/UCRC

Campus Communications Council

CEER Radics Team

KC Pre-Award SME mailing list

Creating CFRC Helpdesk Email List

CGS Associates Announcements List

Year of CI Planning Committee

the year of CI speaker series

year of ci planning workshop

Central Illinois Tang Soo Do

Listserv for campus teaching academies directors & fellows

Aging Research

Listserv for CLIC (the Center for Language Instruction and Coordination)

Clowder Software

Code of conduct mailing list for Clowder project

CLV Project Tech Volunteer List

Capital Markets Group, UIUC

Communication External TA list

Communication Faculty, APs, and Staff

Communication Department Graduate Students

Communication Graduate Faculty

Communication Faculty

College of Business Class of 2019 Newsletter

College of Business Class of 2020 Newsletter

Illinois CoCoRaHS

Communications Librarians Discussion List

Announcements and discussions for the CompGen initiative

Announcements and discussions for the CompGen initiative

CQI Conference RFP listserv

Creative Writing

Campus Research Facility Managers Working Group

request space on behalf of instructor (used by him and CITL staff for new course in MCS-DS

Capricious Grading and Student Grievance and Petitions Committee


Seminar series for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in CS

CS@Illinois Sail Committee

CS@Illinois Splash Committee

Computer Science student announcements.

Computer Science virtual machine farm user's group

CS 196-25 Corporate Team

CS 196-25 Course Staff Instructors

CS 196-25 Course Staff Instructors

CS 196-25 Course Staff

CS 196-25 Course Staff

CS 199 Instructors

CS527 FA15 Online Students


Control Systems Group Network (CSGnet)

Announcements for CSGSO

Announcements for CSGSO

Announcements for CSGSO

Chinese Student and Scholar Union

CSSA Annoucement List

Campus Vegetarian Society (CVS)

Daily Wellness Tip

Lab of Doug Mitchell (Chemistry)

University of Illinois -- Dancing Illini

Dancing Illini Alumni Announcements

Dancing Illini upcoming course announcements

Dancing Illini Official Announcements

Data Science

RSO Newsletter


Request for Mailing List

Dialogues in Methods of Education

Donuts and Dynamics

Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

ECE-Academia mailing list

SST group mailing list

ECE Student Advancement Committee (ECESAC)


Econ 102 Information

Extra Help Clerical Information

Extra Help Human Resources

Sympa email commands

Engineering Education Journal Club

Engineering Education Journal Club

Illini Equestrians English Show Team

ENVISION email list

Engineering Open House Committee (2016-17)

End Point Management Solution: SCCM

Epsilon Delta

ED Fall 15

Epsilon Delta

Egyptian Student Association

Egyptian Student Association - Faculty

ESL 506 F14

ESL Tutor Mailing List

Private list to direct support and other inquires to eText@Illinois group

Ergodic Theory Reading Group

ETRL Alumni

list for EWES faculty

list for faculty and students in EWES program

Entrepreneurs Without Borders


GSLIS Chinese group

Geometric Group Theory

Student Engagement Opportunities within Housing

Geometry, Groups, Dynamics/GEAR Seminar

GIS Users Interest Group

GISDay planning committee

Great Lakes Monitoring

Global Studies List

Great Lakes to Gulf

Goshin Jitsu


Graduate Students @ ISoA

GraMS Mailing List

GSE News and Updates

Gwendolyn Brooks @ 100

I-STEM news and announcements

Investment Banking Academy 2014-2015

Illini Bicycle Racing Club info list

Institute of Communications Research faculty and staff

IDEALS general feedback listserv

IE 340

[IEEE Announce]

[IEEE Corporate]

[IEEE Networking]

[IEEE Projects]


[IEEE Social]

[IEEE Spark]

[IEEE TAG-Circuits]



[IEEE Technical Events]

Friends of the Illinois Geometry Lab

Overlords of the IGL

Illinois Geometry Lab prospectives


Illini Investment Group mailing list

Illinois Japanese Association Mailing List

Illinois Leadership Center Student's Mailing List

Illinois Solar Decathlon

Illini Cold Bloods email


Illini Ninja Warrior

Illini Esports

Illini Fest: Student Film Festival

Illini Judo

Illini Rotaract

Illini Wildlife and Conservation Club

Informational Newsletter for ICDS Members

Illinois Big Data Group RSO

Illinois Social Media Macroscope Git


Illini Mentor Program


Informatics Club

Gender and Nutrition in Agricultural Extension News

Gender and Nutrition in Agricultural Extension News

Gender and Nutrition in Agricultural Extension News

Interdisciplinary Graduate Society

Interfaith Event Announcements

international Illini Members Mailing List

International Illini Members Mailing List

Illini Ninja Warrior Events

Illini on Target Listserv

IPv6 Users and Discussion

Illinois Research Connections general announcements

iRobotics Mailing List

Int'l Soc. for Know. Org. Can. US chapter discuss

Geochemistry Wet Lab User Group


IT Innovation Sandbox

Illinois Security Interest Group

IT Accessibility on the University of Illinois Campus

IT Accessibility at Illinois

ITI Announcement Mailing List

I-Trust Admins Announcement List

Illini Union Board Committee Member List

Student Supervisors at the Illini Union Bookstore

iCAP Working Group

algebraic K-theory

Kaltura at Illinois list

Active members of the Krannert Center Student Association

Korean Conversation Table

Keramos Illinois

KnowEnG events and announcements

KnowEnG events and announcements

P3 Scalable Implementation

Kuali Research Users Mailing List

mailing list for kurator users and developers

La Colectiva Active Members

LabEscape Workforce

LabVIEW CLAD workshop SP15 email list

High performance computing discussion for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Applied Microeconomics in Latin America - Reading Group

Latino Resilience Network


Lattice Microbes user support and discussion

lcdm-postdoc mailing list

Lation Computer Science Club

Tours and information pertaining to the design and development of formal and informal learning spaces on this campus

LER 558 Seminar Announcements

Social media in the library.

Less Commonly Taught Languages

Logic activities at Illinois

Macintosh Administration at Illinois

ManTalks Discussion

MAS UIUC Email List

Undergraduate Math Careers

Mathematical Finance, Risk and Uncertainty Seminar

MATRIX Member Notification List

MBA Diwali Desi Group

Midwest Book and Manuscript Studies list

MCB Ligase Roster

Me 370 Course Questions Mailing List

Listserv Request

Medieval Texts - Philology Codicology and Technology

Request for Mailing List

Request for Mailing List

Request for Mailing List

MetroFlow User Group

MFA Distribution List (UofI Security)

MFA Distribution List (UofI Security)

MGRdev Pilot discussion list

Midwest Woody Polyculture Farm Network

Create new list

Mobile Computing discussion list

Nagios Monitoring Discussion Group

editing, publishing, and design

Learn@Illinois Moodle Advisory Group

UIUC Motorcycle Rider Program

Request for a Helpdesk/Hotline list

MRDC Committee

MRDC Teams Mailing List

MSA Student Event

MSBA Program

MSTM Advancement Track

MSTM Graduate Track





Postings for K-12 Music Positions

Music education Local Advisory Network

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Beta Kappa Events

Publish @ Illinois Announcements

PlayMafia RSO

Creating email for PMTC RSO

Planners Network Chapter UIUC list

Windows PowerShell

PrairieLearn announcements

Pre-Pa Club list


Climate science collaboration group list

PRIDE News E-mail List

Mailing list for Probability Seminar



SAA Listserv

Sigma Alpha Iota Actives Listserv

SCS Career Services News

SCS Scientific Software Program Announcements

The Social Dynamics of Language Variation and Change IPRH Reading Group / Seminar



College of Business Section Leaders


SEM Outreach Committee

SEM Project Committee

SEM Quad Day Mailing List

Senate Information Technology Committee

SFCI Mailing list

SHR Jobs Posting List

SHS 540 Psychoacoustics

Special Interest Group on Machine Learning for Speech and Language Processing

Digital Signage discussion list

SJTU Alumni at Illinois

announcement only list for those in central illinois interested in astronomy

Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies

SLCL-Copier email

SLCL Events List

SLCL Executive Committee

SLCL Undergraduate Services

Statistical Methods, Application and Computing Group

Social Media Info Exchange

Society for Theriogenology

SOFE2015 Listserv Mailing List


SPED at CRC Collaborative

Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Among Youth

SPO News

Spotted Wing Drosophila Discussion Group

Speech Prosody Special Interest Group

SS-L Sjogren's Syndrome

Student Space Systems-Propulsion

Student Space Systems Dept. of Avionics

Level One project for Student Space Systems

Student Space Systems Propulsion Department

Stat 200

Statistics in the Community

UIUC Steel Bridge Team

Students Today Leaders Forever Mailing List


SFCI Mailing list

Students who are interested in studying abroad

Snacks and Surface Processes

Sustainability Ambassadors

Social Work STEP/IS employees Listserv

Agriculture, Land Use, Food, and Sequestration SWATeam

Energy Conservation and Building Standards SWATeam

Energy Generation, Purchasing, and Distribution SWATeam

Purchasing, Waste, and Recycling SWATeam

Transportation SWATeam

Water and Stormwater SWATeam

Synton Amateur Radio club list

Illini Table Tennis Club

Tabletop Gaming

Tablets for Teaching discussion

Tax Club

Creating New Mailing List

Twin City Derby Girls Mailing List

RSO Member List request


Technology Services Version Control Announcements

Windows 10 support for U of I IT Pros

TERRA Reference Informatics and Computing Platform

new list request

new list request

Discussion list for the ITI Testbed

The Fashion Network -- RSO

The Fashion Network -- RSO

THELIST list: for discussion about The Hessling Editor (THE)

Think Illinois

Theatre Library Association list

Campuswide Trainer Discussion List

Training announcements UIUC

Twitter Streaming API 1 - Filter

Twitter Streaming API 1 - Filter

UAID at UIUC General Members Listserv

University Council of IR/HR Programs Deans & Directors

UI Datamasters

Notifications about UIF software for IT Pros

U of I Parent Programs

University of Illinois SharePoint Users Group

Unmanned Aerial System discussion at UIUC

UIUC Undergraduate Neuroscience Society

Virtualization Users Group

UI Website Report Card Communications

Uni High 2010 Parents

Uni High 2011 Parents

Uni High 2012 Parents

Uni High 2013 Parents

Uni High 2014 Parents

Uni High 2015 Parents

Uni High 2016 Parents

Uni High 2017 Parents

Uni High 2018 Parents

Uni High 2019 Parents

Uni High 2020 Parents

Uni High 2021 Parents

Uni High Curriculum Committee

Uni High Executive Committee

Uni Executive Student Council

Uni High Faculty

Uni High Freshmen

Uni High Freshmen Teachers

Uni High 2010 Alumni

Uni High 2011 Alumni

Uni High 2012 Alumni

Uni High 2013 Alumni

Uni High 2014 Alumni

Uni High 2015 Alumni

Uni High 2016 Alumni

Uni Habitat Trip 2017

Uni High Juniors Teachers

Uni High Juniors

Uni Multicultural Parent Advisory Group

Uni High Parents

Uni Peer College Counselors

Uni High Seniors

Uni Student Faculty Advisory Committee

Uni High Sophomores

Uni High Sophomore Teachers

Uni High Seniors Teachers

Uni High Staff

Uni Student Council

Uni High Students

Uni Subbie Buddies

Uni High Subfreshmen

Uni High Subfreshmen Teachers

Uni High Technology Committee

Summer Students for Engineering IT

UX Lunch Club

Writing Across the Curriculum

Web Accessibility Best Practices Discussion

Web Hosting Power Plant Team


Western Show Team

new mailing list

Women of Pride RSO meetings

Atlantic & Gulf Tropical Storm and Hurricane WX products

The WX-CHASE list

WX-LSR Storm Damage Reports

WX-NATNL National Wx Summary and Selected City Fcsts

SPC Storm-related weather products

WX-TALK General weather discussions and talk

WX-TOR Tornado Warning dissemination

Tropical Storm and Hurricane WX products (Non-Atlantic)

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